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Synthesis and Properties of nanoparticles


The work group Haase deals with inorganic nanomaterials. The main emphasis is on the chemical synthesis of nanocrystals, i.e. chrystals with a size of only a few nanometers (millionths of a millimetre) and consisting of 100 to 10000 atoms.

Solid material crystals with such low measurements are not only distinguished by a very high surface/volume relation, but also frequently show features which deviate from the relating macro-crystalline solid dots. This is interesting for applying nano crystals e.g. in the catalysis, medical diagnosis and solar cells. For this reason, examinations of the physical characteristics of such materials form a further emphasis next to the development of new synthesis methods and the examination of the growth mechanisms of the crystals in the colloid-chemical synthesis.

The colloid-chemical synthesis forms an important access to many nanomaterials, as the method delivers very finely separated nano crystals with narrow size distribution.

By controlling the synthesis conditions, the size and shape of the particles may vary, as the following electron-microscope images show.