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Welcome to the homepage of research group Wang - Inorganic Chemistry II at the University of Osnabrück!

Research interests:

The research group works on molecular design, synthesis, and optical characterization of luminescent transition metal complexes. The luminescent metal complexes are incorporated in nanomatrix and investigated in the fields of bioanalysis, photodynamic therapy, photon upconversion, and photocatalysis. Additionally, mechanistic study of electron- and energy transfer processes via advanced spectroscopy remains another research interest of the group.


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Twitter: @_CuiWang

Group news

February 2024
Heinrich Hammecke 
receives the "Teilstipendium" for the Bunsen-Tagung 2024 in Aachen, congratulation! 

January 2024
Cui Wang receives the "Thieme Chemistry Journals Award" for 2024, congratulation!
Leonie Birk joins the group as a doctoral student, welcome!

October 2023
Daniella Hübner
joins the group for her master practicum and thesis, welcome!
Nils Nowakowski joins the group for his bachelor thesis, welcome!

October 2023
Cui Wang gave a talk at the LIT conference 2023 in Regensburg and received the best presentation award, congratulation!

July 2023
Cui Wang gave a talk at the ySPPCC and presented a poster on the 25th ISPPCC (2023) in Ulm.

June 2023
Cui Wang presented a poster at the Bunsen-Tagung 2023 in Berlin.

May 2023
Dennis Fritzler joins the group as the first doctoral student, welcome!
Heinrich Hammecke joins the group for his master practicum and thesis, welcome!