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Prof. Dr. Uwe Beginn - Publications

Overview Articles

  • V. Bakirov, A. N. Yakunin, M. A. Shcherbina, S. N. Chvalun, X. Zhu, U. Beginn, M. Möller, "Ion Channel Forming Self Assembling Systems Based on Benzenesulfonic Acid with Unsaturated Aliphatic Substituents", Nanotechnology in Russia 5(11/12), 762-770 (2010).
  • U. Beginn, "Polymerization in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide” in “Handbook of Green Chemistry" (P. T. Anastas, ed.), Vol. 4, (Vol. ed.: W. Leitner, P. G. Jessop), pp. 303-368, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim 2010.
  • U. Beginn, "Gradient Copolymers", Coll. Polym. Sci. 286, 1465-1474 (2008).
  • U. Beginn, "Continuous Addition Polymerization", e-Polymers, E_003, 1-109 (2005).
  • U. Beginn, H. Keul, D. Klee, M. Möller, A. Mourran, K. Peter, O. Weichold, "Makromolekulare Chemie 2003", Nachr. Chem. 52, 324 - 331 (2004).
  • U. Beginn, “Thermotropic columnar mesophases from NH-O, and N-HO hydrogen bond supramolecular mesogenes”, Prog. Polym. Sci. 28, 1049 – 1105 (2003).
  • U. Beginn, M. Möller, “Supramolecular Structures with Macromolecules“ in “Supramolecular Technology“ (Ed.: D. N. Reinhoudt), Vol. 4, Chap. 3, p. 89 – 176, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 1999.
  • U. Beginn, “Supramolecular Templates as Porogenes“, Advanced Materials 10, 1391 - 1394 (1998).
  • M. Arndt, U. Beginn, T. Heinze, H. Motschmann, "Neue Horizonte in der Polymerforschung" – wissenschaftliches Resümee der Fachgruppentagung Makromolekulare Chemie der GDCh, Mainz, 23.-24. März 1998, Nachrichten aus Chemie, Technik und Laboratorium 46, 1169 - 1171 (1998).

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • M. Shcherbina, A. N. Yakunin, U. Beginn, L. Yan, M. Möller, S. N. Chvalun, A. V. Bakirov, "Effect of the Shape of Mesogenic Group on Structure and Phase Behaviour of 2,3,4-tris(dodecyloxy) ben­zene­sul­ph­o­nates with Alkaline Cations", Soft Matter 10, 1746 – 1757 (2014).

  • U. Beginn, R. Beckmann, “Synthesis and characterization of new poly(ethyleneimine)-g-poly(methyl meth­acrylate) star-block copolymers with hyperbranched cationic core“, J. Polym. Sci. A: Polym. Chem. 51(17), 3700-3715 (2013).
  • U. Beginn, M. Frosinn, M. Reichelt, H. Reuter, “3-Methylideneoxolane-2,5-dione”, Acta Cryst. Sect. E – Structure Reports, E69, o321 (2013).

  • (a)  L. K. Thomas, N. Diek, U. Beginn, M. Reichling, Dimer/tetramer motifs determine amphiphilic hy­dra­zine fibril structures on graphite“, Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 3, 658 – 666 (2012).
    (b) L. K. Thomas, N. Diek, U. Beginn, M. Reichling,
    Dimer/tetramer motifs determine amphiphilic hy­dra­zine fibril structures on graphite“, in “Self-assembly at solid surfaces” (S. R. Cohen, J. Sagiv, eds.), Beilstein J. Nanotechnol., Thematic Series 2012.
  • S. Asaftei, M. Ciobanu, A. M. Lepadatu, E. Song, U. Beginn, “Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals by molecular-assembly and ion pairing of 4,4’-bipyridinium derivatives and tris(dodecyloxy)­benzene­sulfonats in a non-polar solvent“,  J. Mater. Chem. 22(29), 14426 - 14437 (2012).
  • M. A. Shcherbina, A. V. Bakirov, A. N. Yakunin, V. Percec, U. Beginn, M. Moeller, S. N. Chvalun, "Self-Assembling Supramolecular Systems of Different Symmetry Formed by Wedged Macromolecular Dendrons", Crystallography Reports 57(2), 151-168 (2012).

  • U. Beginn, R. Najjar, J. Ellmann, M. Möller,Polymerization of Vinylidene Difluoride in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Chemie Ingenieur Technik 83, 1419-1442 (2011).
  • R. Komban, R. Beckmann, S. Rode, S. Ichilmann, A. Kühnle, U. Beginn, M. Haase, Surface Modi­fi­cation of Luminescent Lanthanide Phosphate Nanorods with Cationic “Quat-Primer” Polymers, Lang­muir 27, 10174–10183 (2011).

  • L. K. Thomas, A. Kuehnle, S. Rode, U. Beginn, M. Reichling, “Monolayer Structure of Arachidic Acid on Graphite”, J. Phys. Chem. 144, 18919-18924 (2010).
  • E. Song, J. Podschun, H. Wilberts, U. Beginn, H. Reuter, “Disodium 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzene-1,3-disulfonate dihydrate”, Acta Cryst. E: Struc. Rep. Online E66(10), m1265 (2010).
  • X. Zhu, A. Mourran, U. Beginn, M. Möller, D. V. Anokhin, D. A. Ivanov, "Self-assembled structures formed by a wedge-shaped molecule in 2D and 3D: the role of flexible side chains and polar head groups", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, 1444-1452 (2010).

  • V. Goel, U. Beginn, A. Mourran, M. Möller, "'Quat-Primer' Polymers bearing cationic and reactive groups: synthesis, characterization and application", Macromolecules 41, 8187-8197 (2008).
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  • K. Albrecht, A.  Mourran, X. Zhu, T. Markkula, J. Groll, U. Beginn, W. H. de Jeu, M. Möller, "Thin Film Morphologies of Block Copolymers Complexed with Wedge-Shaped Liquid Crystalline Amphiphilic Molecules”,  Macromolecules  41,  1728-1738 (2008).

  • X. Zhu, U. Beginn, M. Moeller, R. I. Gearba, D. V. Anokhin, D. A. Ivanov, "Self-Organization of Polybases Neutralized with Mesogenic Wedge-Shaped Sulfonic Acid Molecules: An Approach toward Supramolecular Cylinders.", J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 128, 16928 – 16937 (2006).
  • U. Beginn, "Monomer addition programs to generate constant gradient block copolymers", Polymer 47(19), 6880 – 6894 (2006). 
  • X. Zhu, M. A. Scherbina, A. V. Bakirov, B. Gorzolnik, S. N. Chvalun, U. Beginn, M. Moeller,  "Methacrylated Self-Organizing 2,3,4-Tris(alkoxy)benzenesulfonate: A New Concept Toward Ion-Selective Mem­bra­n­es", Chemistry of Materials 18(19),  4667 - 4673 (2006).
  • U. Beginn, R. Najjar, J. Ellmann, R. Vinokur, R. Martin, M. Möller, "Copolymerization of vinylidene di­flu­o­ri­de with hexafluoropropene in supercritical carbon dioxide", J. Polym. Sci. A: Polym. Chem. 44(3), 1299 - 1316 (2006).

  • T. Kitahara, M. Shirakawa, S.-I. Kawano, U. Beginn, N. Fujita, S. Shinkai, "Creation of a Mixed-Valence State from One-Dimensionally Aligned TTF Utilizing the Self-Assembling Nature of a Low Molecular-Weight Gel.", J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 127(43), 14980 – 14981 (2005).
  • U. Beginn, "COPOINT – a simple computer program to determine co­po­ly­­meri­zation parameters by nu­me­rical integration of co­po­­ly­me­ri­zation equations", e-Polymers 073, 1 – 24 (2005).
  • U. Beginn, L. Yan, X. Zhu, S. Chvalun, M. Möller, "Mimicking Ion Channels by Polymerizable Su­pra­mo­lecular Stacks of Wedge-Shaped Tris(alkenyl-oxy)Benzene Sulfonates", Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering 93, 244 – 245 (2005).
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  • E. Fischer, U. Beginn, N. Fatkullin, R. Kimmich, "Field-gradient NMR diffusometry in poly(ethylene oxide) melts confined to nanoscopic pores of solid methacrylate matrices.", Magnetic Resonance Imaging  23(2),  379-381 (2005).

  • X. Zhu, B. Tartsch, U. Beginn, M. Möller, "Wedge-Shaped Molecules with a Sulfonate Group at the Tip – A New Class of Self-Assembling Amphiphiles", Chem. Eur. J. 10(16), 3871 - 3878 (2004).
  • S. Yao, U. Beginn, T. Greß, F. Würthner, "Supramolecular Polymerization and Gel Formation of Bis-Me­ro­­cya­n­i­ne Dyes Driven by Dipolar Aggregation", J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 126, 8336 - 8348 (2004).
  • N. Fatkullin, E. Fischer, C. Mattea, U. Beginn, R. Kimmich,"Polymer dynamics under nanoscopic con­st­raints: The “corset effect” as revealed by NMR relaxometry and diffusometry", Chem. Phys. Chem. 5, 884 - 894 (2004).
  • E. Fischer, U. Beginn, N. Fatkullin, R. Kimmich, "Nanoscopic Poly(ethylene oxide) Strands Embedded in Semi-Interpenetrating Methacrylate Networks. Preparation Method and Quantitative Characterization by Field-Gradient NMR Diffusometry", Macromolecules 37(9), 3277 - 3286 (2004).
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    1997 and before
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Other Publications

  • M. J. Kettel, K. Schaefer, A. Koerner, U. Beginn, M. Möller, “Complexation of Synthetic and Natural Insecticides by Cyclodextrines for Both Safe Application and Controlled Release”Proceedings of the 12th International Wool Research Conference, ed. Donghua University, Shanghai, P.R. China, Vol. I, Oct. 19-22, 2010, Shanghai / China, pp. 198 – 202.
  • K. Schaefer, N. V. Belov, U. Beginn, M. Möller, “Nano-coating as Anti-soil Finishes for Textile Floorings”, Proceedings of the 12th International Wool Research Conference, ed. Donghua University, Shanghai, P.R. China, Vol. I, Oct. 19-22, 2010, Shanghai / China, pp. 203 – 207.
  • N. Belov, U.Beginn, K. Schaefer, M. Möller, “Synthesis of anhydride reactive fluorinated copolymers and their application for fabrication of superhydrophobic oleophobic surfaces from environmentally fiendly solvents”, Ed. B. Kueppers, Proceedings of the Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference, 3rd, Aachen, Germany, Nov. 26-27, 2009 (2009).
  • M. Yu, V. Goel, H. Thomas, U. Beginn, M. Moeller, “Selective surface modification and charac­teri­zati­ons of linear and branched polyelectrolyte derivatives”Proc. Aachen-Dresden Intern. Textile Conf. 2008, MIRA 1 – 10, Dresden, Germany, Dec. 4-5, 2008.
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