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Mesoscopic structure formation and dynamics of soft matter in two-dimensional confinement

Using self-ordered anodic aluminum oxide as inorganic model matrix, we investigate in tight collaboration with various other groups:

- Kinetics of the infiltration of polymers into nanopores- Dynamics and elastic properties of polymers in AAO

- Crystallization in nanopores- Microphase separation of block copolymers in nanopores and structure formation in block copolymer nanorods


Functional nanostructured and microstructured surfaces

We investigate, together with our collaborators, nanostructured and microstructured surfaces consisting of block copolymers, nanorod arrays and microsphere arrays. The following aspects are addressed:

- Patterned polymeric surfaces with specific adhesive properties- Applications of block copolymer lithography

- Nanorod arrays as sensor element, substrate for tissue engineering etc.