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Template-controlled thermolysis of single-source-precursors (feature article)
C. Erk, R. B. Wehrspohn, M. Steinhart, S. Schlecht
PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI (B) 247, 2393 (2010)

Templated self-assembly of block copolymers – toward the rational design of plasmonic nanorods (feature article)
C. Bohley, M. Y. E. Yau, C. Erk, Y. Wang, R. B. Wehrspohn, S. Schlecht, M. Steinhart
PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI (B) 247, 2470 (2010)

Photonic crystal devices with multiple dyes by consecutive local infiltration of single pores
P. W. Nolte, D. Pergande, S. L. Schweizer, M. Geuss, R. Salzer, B. T. Makowski, M. Steinhart, P. Mack, D. Herrmann, K. Busch, C. Weder, R. B. Wehrspohn
ADVANCED MATERIALS 22, 4731 (2010)

Fiber and Tube Formation by Melt Infiltration of Block Copolymers into Al2O3-Pores
B. Pulamagatta, W. H. Binder, E. Yau, I. Gunkel, T. Thurn-Albrecht, M. Steinhart

Tuning and Switching the Hypersonic Phononic Properties of Elastic Impedance Contrast Nanocomposites
A. Sato, Y. Pennec, N. Shingne, T. Thurn-Albrecht, W. Knoll, M. Steinhart, B. Djafari-Rouhani, G. Fytas
ACS NANO 4, 3471 (2010)

Polycyanurate nanorod arrays for optical waveguide-based biosensing
A. Gitsas, B. Yameen, T. D. Lazzara, M. Steinhart, H. Duran, W. Knoll
NANO LETTERS 10, 2173 (2010)

Confinement effects on chain dynamics and local chain order in entangled polymer melts
S. Ok, M. Steinhart, A. Serbescu,, C. Franz, F. Vaca-Chavez, K. Saalwächter
MACROMOLECULES 43, 4429 (2010)

Nanoporous metal membranes with bicontinuous morphology from recyclable block copolymer templates
Y. Wang, C. He, W. Xing, F. Li, L. Tong, Z. Chen, X. Liao, M. Steinhart
ADVANCED MATERIALS 22, 2068 (2010)

Calibration of optically trapped nanotools
D.M. Carberry, S.H. Simpson, J.A. Grieve, Y. Wang, H. Schäfer, M. Steinhart, R. Bowman, G.M. Gibson, M.J. Padgett, S. Hanna, M.J. Miles
NANOTECHNOLOGY 21, 175501 (2010)

Cellular interactions of biodegradable nanorod arrays prepared by nondestructive extraction from nanoporous alumina
S. Grimm, J. Martín, G. Rodriguez, M. Fernández-Gutierrez, K. Mathwig, R. B. Wehrspohn, U. Gösele, J. San Roman, C. Mijangos, M. Steinhart