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Reversible adhesion switching of porous fibrillar adhesive pads by humidity
L. Xue, A. Kovalev, K. Dening, A. Eichler-Volf, H. Eickmeier, M. Haase, D. Enke, M. Steinhart, S. Gorb
NANO LETTERS 13, 5541 (2013)

Enhanced interfacial rigidity of 1D thermoset nanostructures by interface-induced liquid crystallinity
H. Duran, B. Yameen, M. Geuss, M. Kappl, M. Steinhart, W. Knoll


In-situ growth of luminescent MOF thin films of Sr/Eu(II)-imidazolate onfunctionalized nanostructured alumina
L. V. Meyer, J. Vogt, F. A. Brede, H. Schäfer, M. Steinhart, K. Müller-Buschbaum
CRYSTENGCOMM 15, 9382 (2013)

Zirconia-based aerogels via hydrolysis of salts and alkoxides: The influence of the synthesis procedures on the properties of the aerogels
H. Schäfer, S. Brandt, B. Milow, S. Ichilmann, M. Steinhart, L. Ratke

Multiple nucleation events and local dynamics of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL) con-fined to nanoporous alumina
Y. Suzuki, H. Duran, W. Akram, M. Steinhart, G. Floudas, H.-J. Butt
SOFT MATTER 9, 9189 (2013)

What happens to polymer chains weakly confined in rigid cylindrical inorganic (AAO) nanopores
L. Noirez, C. Stillings, J.-F. Bardeau, M. Steinhart, S. Schlitt, J. H. Wendorff, G. Pepy
MACROMOLECULES, 46, 4932 (2013)

Formation, morphology and internal structure of one-dimensional nanostructures of the ferroelectric polymer P(VDF-TrFE)
N. Shingne, M. Geuss, B. Hartmann-Azanza, M. Steinhart, T. Thurn-Albrecht
POLYMER 54, 2737 (2013)

Measuring of the hardly measurable: adhesion properties of anti-adhesive surfaces
J. Purtov, E. V. Gorb, M. Steinhart, S. N. Gorb

APPLIED PHYSICS A 111, 183 (2013)

How gold nanoparticles influence crystallization of polyethylene inrigid cylindrical nanopores
J. Maiz, H. Schäfer, G. T. Rengarajan, B. Hartmann-Azanza, H. Eickmeier, M. Haase, C. Mijangos, M. Steinhart
MACROMOLECULES, 46, 403 (2013)

Nanostructured Metal/Carbon Hybrids for Electrocatalysis by Direct Carbonization of Inverse Micelle Multilayers
Y. J. Jang, Y. H. Jang, S.-B. Han, D. Khatua, C. Hess, H. Ahn, D. Y. Ryu, K. Shin, K.-W. Park, M. Steinhart, D. H. Kim
ACS NANO 7, 1573 (2013)

Homogeneous crystallization and local dynamics of poly(ethylene oxide)(PEO) confined to nanoporous alumina
Y. Suzuki, H. Duran, M. Steinhart, H.-J. Butt, G. Floudas

SOFT MATTER 9, 2621 (2013)